The STSA connects on an international level and is a member of several international organisations.

The STSA also participates in the TAAM association (Type Approval Authority Meeting), association of type approval bodies of European Union which provides conformity of vehicles in road traffic affecting safety and environment protection.

The ETSC (European Transport Safety Council) is an independent and not-for-profit organisation headquartered in Brussels whose goal is to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Europe.

Since 2002, Slovenia has been a member of IRTAD (International Road Traffic and Accidents Database). IRTAD is an international database of road traffic and traffic accidents which operates within the OECD.

As a member of the European Union, Slovenia is included in CARE – workgroup for the common European database and in the RSPI (Road Safety Performance Indicators) with the European Commission. Workgroups consist of experts who work in road traffic safety. Membership enables cooperation in different international projects under the European Commission (DaCoTa) and insight into the common database of traffic accidents. Each member must send information on traffic accidents to the common traffic accident database on an annual basis.

The STSA is included in La PRI (La Prevention Routiere International), an international organisation for prevention and education in road traffic which combines national institutions bearing responsibility for prevention and education in road traffic.

FERSI is a Forum of European Road Safety Institutes which connects 21 established research institutes in traffic safety.

With its expert contributions, the STSA also participates in international conferences by presenting the results of their projects and activities. In May 2015, an international conference on Traffic Safety in the DANUBE region was held.

The STSA has also successfully participated in the ROSEE project, which ended this year. They co-organised the international ROSEE conference (November 2013) and the final event for representatives of the GTS and the European Commission (September 2014).

In past years, they have also participated in many international projects. The Road Safety Council was the organiser of the VAMOS international project, and also participated as a partner in international projects DRUID, EUCHIRES, SUPREME, SARTRE and RoadSafetyWeb, ROSEE and SafetyCube based on which it transferred certain examples of good practice into the Slovene environment.