The agency bodies are the Acting Director and Agency Council.

Acting Director

The agency Acting Director is Simona Felser.

The Acting Director represents the entire agency. She organises and manages the workflow and business of the Agency, issues legal acts in individual matters, proposes business policies and actions, proposes the work programme, financial plan of the agency and an annual report, prepares proposals of general acts adopted by the Council and other expert bases for their work, performs the work programme and business policy of the agency, signs documents and contracts related to agency business, assures the operation of the agency within legal boundaries, calls meetings of the Council, prepares work and business reports of the Agency, reports to the Council about Agency business and performs other legally defined tasks.

Deputy Acting Director Jože Hribar

Deputy Acting Director Jože Hribar

The agency Acting Director is Simona Felser.

Acting Director Simona Felser

The Agency Council consists of a president and members who are named by the founder of the Agency. These persons are selected on the basis of a public call among user representatives, expert organisations and civil society organisations. Members of the Council are appointed by the government for a duration of five years with the possibility of reappointment.

Members of the Public Traffic Safety Agency Council:

  • Jure Prestor, predsednik,
  • mag. Emilija Placer Tušar,
  • Tatjana Voj,
  • Matjaž Berčon,
  • Janez Marolt.
  • mag. Vesna Kerstin Petrič,
  • Sandi Borec,
  • Suzana Tajnik.

The Council ensures that the Agency operates in the public interest, adopts general acts of the Agency and determines a potential rate with consent of the government, adopts the work programme and financial plan, annual and other reports of the Agency, proposes the appointment and dismissal of the director and gives consent to the appointment of the deputy director, gives directions and instructions for work, proposals and opinions about individual issues, appoints expert committees and other positions for processing and studying individual issues, and performs other legally specified tasks.

  • General Affairs Service

Head of the Department: Urška Naglič
T: +386 1 478 89 70
The tasks of this service include the following fields: finances and accounting, organisation and human resources, and IT.

  • Vehicles Division

Head of Division: mag. Tomaž Svetina
T: +386 1 478 84 32
The tasks of this division are management of administrative procedures in the work field, selection and authorisation of organisations for performing tasks in the field of vehicles and expert supervision of their work.

  • Drivers Division

Head of Division: Dragana Trivundža Tomanić
T: +386 1 478 89 52
The tasks of this division are implementation of educational programmes in the work field, selection and authorisation of organisations for performing tasks in the field of drivers and expert supervision of their work.

  • Division for development and coordination of road traffic safety

Head of Division: Anamaria Hren
T: +386 1 478 89 57

The tasks of this division are mostly management, coordination and control of operative national traffic safety processes, coordination of the Resolution on the national road safety programme for the period 2013–2022, and planning, management and coordination of implementation of operative tasks and programmes in road traffic safety required for the execution of the national road safety programme.

  • Division for prevention and education in road traffic

Mateja Markl, head of Division for Prevention and Education in Road Traffic
T: +386 1 478 89 61


The tasks of this division are management, coordination, contextual preparation and execution of preventive activities in road traffic and in national preventive actions in accordance with strategic documents, as well as development, acceleration and implementation of traffic education programmes.

  • Driving Test Division

Head of Division: Robert Gril
T: +386 1 478 88 48

The main task of this division is assuring and conducting of driving tests.

Slovenia has five Driving test areas with altogether 20 main locations where the agency provide driving tests. This division also collaborates with other divisions, especially in the field of prevention and education and training of drivers and experts.

Driving test areas with their locations

  • Public relations

Nina Kumerdej, MA

T: +386 1 478 89 53

  • Advertising and promotion

Petra Fatur

T: +386 1 478 88 46