Drivers often transform into motorcyclists during weekends and enjoy the thrill of “the wind in their hair”. Foreign research has found that their purpose in driving is quite different to that of car drivers; leisure activity, socialising, tourist trips, as well as testing their capabilities and the thrill of the risk.

That is why motorcyclists are in greater danger and they also belong to one of the more vulnerable groups; the characteristics of motorcycles make them less visible and noticeable, riders often drive too fast and other drivers fail to notice them or give them the right of way.

Advice for improving the safety of motorcyclists

  • Before every ride, , check the condition of the motorcycle and of the tyres;
  • never drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs;
  • always wear a helmet and other equipment, such as jacket and gloves (also when driving a moped or power-assisted cycles up to 25 km/h);
  • do not speed, as it increases the chances of falling, braking distances are longer and you might startle other drivers;
  • always have the lights on when driving and wear a high vis vest to increase your visibility as these are the key safety elements in traffic;
  • pay special attention to turning vehicles in case they do not see you, and to goods vehicles in order not to drive into their blind spot;
  • when turning and driving through bends, make sure that you do not place your body in the other lane when leaning into the turn;
  • rather than riding alone, go in the company of several motorcyclists so you will be more visible and can take care of each other, but do not turn the trip into a competition;
  • pay attention to pot holes, sand or wet and slippery roads and make sure to reduce speed whenever necessary;
  • test your bike, fast turns, and your own abilities at a safe venue, and not on the road where the situation is never easily predictable.

We suggest that all motorcyclists attend additional training and test rides, and obtain more information about the most dangerous traps for motorcyclists: cornering, speeding, violation of right of way, dirty roads, wet and slippery roads, etc.

Preventive action Motorcyclist Forever

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Additional literature

Ebooks, leaflet and posters raise awareness among motorcyclists to drive safely.

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Video content

Instructions for safe participation of motorcyclists in traffic how to choose appropriate equipment, motorcycle maintenance, and instructions for driving a moped.