Do not use your phone while driving

Mobile phone use while driving is on the rise. The key message we want to share with drivers is not to use a mobile phone while driving but stop safely at a suitable location and make the phone call or send a text message.

Using a phone while driving is the equivalent of having 0.8 permille of alcohol in the blood for a driver. Compared to normal driving, the time not looking at the road increases fourfold when texting.

Use of mobile phones while driving also has these effects:

  • slower driver reaction time (50% slower than when driving in normal conditions);
  • slower detection of road signals and consequent reaction;
  • longer braking time;
  • reduced awareness of surroundings and traffic
  • increased risk in decision making, such as reduced safety distance, poor adjustment to road conditions, and others.

Legal provisions

  • In accordance with the Road Traffic Rules Act, using a hand-held mobile phone while driving is prohibited, and the fine for the offence is EUR 120. This includes calls, texting, browsing, etc.
  • Only hands-free devices are permitted. However, it should be stressed that hands-free devices also reduce driver concentration due to attention being diverted by the content of the conversation.