Drivers and passengers in private vehicles represent almost half of the casualties in road accidents and are, as such, among the most common casualties.

Upon an collision, a seatbelt and airbag will slow down and prevent body movement against solid parts of the vehicle, consequently absorbing a large portion of the force that is released upon collision. The consequences for passengers are less severe compared to those not using those safety accessories
The basic purpose of the seatbelt is:

  • to keep the driver and passengers in their seats in case of collision;
  • to reduce body movement forward and backward in case of frontal collision, and prevent injuries due to contact with internal car parts;
  • to take a large portion of the energy released upon collision and distribute it to the belt and various body parts, effectively reducing the collision consequences to individual body parts;
  • to provide effective protection to drivers and passengers in combination with an airbag and other safety elements (headrest, ergonomic seats, vehicle chassis).

Don’t forget

  • Drivers and passengers must always use a seatbelt.

  • Use your seatbelt on all trips, even the shortest ones.

  • Fasten your seatbelt in all seats of the vehicle, as a driver and as a passenger in the front or in the back.

  • The driver should always check that the passengers are using their seatbelts before he or she starts driving as their safety is also the responsibility of the driver.

  • Med vožnjo moramo biti pripeti v vseh vozilih, tako na avtobusih, tovornih vozilih, kombijih…
  • You should wear a seatbelt in all vehicles, on buses, in goods vehicles, vans, etc.

How to fasten the seatbelt properly

  • The upper part of the belt runs over the shoulder (not across the neck), the bottom part runs under the stomach and over the hips;
  • Insert the tongue in the buckle until you hear a CLICK;
  • The belt should be as close to the body as possible, if this is not the case then additional tightening is required;
  • The belt MUST NOT be tangled and loose.

Seatbelt damage

If a vehicle was involved in a traffic accident, all used seatbelts need to be replaced, even if damage is not visible.

Seatbelts need to be checked occasionally to determine potential damage. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents since they may weaken the belt.

Special clips that supposedly increase comfort prevent automatic tightening of the belt and are therefore very dangerous. The belt is not tightened when using such clips and so can cause severe injuries in an collision situation.

Preventive action The seatbelt – a bond with life

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