The Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency (STSA) is a legal entity of public law which operates in the field of traffic safety. It was founded on 1 September 2010.

The agency performs regulatory, developmental, expert and other tasks in the field of drivers and vehicles, analytical-research assignments in the field of road traffic safety, prevention, education, training in road traffic, independent investigation of factors contributing to the occurrence of traffic accidents with lethal casualties, and expert assignments for preparation and implementation of a national road safety programme. Within the scope of their authority, they perform judgment on the safety of road infrastructure, provide training and raise public awareness about the introduction of new technical standards, solutions, and other measures contributing to the improved safety of all road traffic participants. In the aforementioned fields, the agency collaborates in bilateral relations with different international organisations.


The Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency is the central institution for traffic safety. Its mission is to try to reduce the worst consequences of accidents in road traffic (fatalities and physically injured participants). The agency will fulfil its mission and goals by effectively implementing legislative measures, by introducing a national programme and other acts, by encouraging participants in traffic to behave more responsibly and to follow the regulations, by raising awareness about the importance of traffic safety, by providing safer vehicles, and by improving road infrastructure.