Pedestrian safety

Hoja je najbolj naravna oblika gibanja in pešci smo najpogostejši udeleženci v prometu. Ne glede na to, ali živimo v mestu, na vasi, v osamljeni hiški na robu gozda, nas noge najpogosteje in najzanesljiveje ponesejo v svet.

Walking is the most natural form of movement and pedestrians are the most common participants in traffic. It does not matter whether we live in a city, in a village, in a lonely cottage at the edge of the forest, it’s our legs that take us out into the world most frequently and in the most reliable manner.

Sadly, pedestrians are also the most vulnerable participants in traffic. On Slovenian roads, there are casualties and badly injured people even among pedestrians, therefore it is very important to understand how to behave as a pedestrian so you can be safer.

As pedestrians we can improve our safety by taking simple protective actions such as:
  • PEDESTRIANS DO NOT HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT OF WAY – you must check carefully before safely crossing the road;
  • use traffic areas designed for pedestrians (pavements, passages, underpasses, overpasses);
  • if there are no pedestrian areas available, you should walk on the left side of the road so that you are facing oncoming traffic and the approaching drivers can notice you sooner;
  • always make sure to cross the road safely: look left and right before stepping onto the road;
  • cross the road quickly and without unnecessary stopping;
  • wear bright and reflective clothes for better visibility, also add reflective objects, such as ribbons. A torch is another reflective object that makes us more visible in the dark, fog or rain;
  • make sure a reflective object is suitably positioned at night or when visibility is low. Make sure that the reflective object is always positioned on the side that is facing the road;
  • mandatory use of the pedestrian crossings to ensure safety. Wait for the green light at pedestrian crossings with traffic lights – look left and right before crossing the road even when the green light is displayed! Pay special attention to oncoming vehicles at pedestrian crossings without traffic lights, wait until they actually stop on both sides (raise your hand, establish eye contact with the driver).

Reflectors are part of the mandatory equipment for pedestrians in poor visibility or at night.

Preventive action Bodi PreViden (Be careful/visible)

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Additional literature

A leaflet and posters strongly recommend that pedestrians use reflective objects for better visibility at night or in the dark while walking on the road.