We are on the same road – let´s take care of each other!

A new campaign by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy and the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency promotes mutual respect in traffic

On March 6, we celebrate the World Day of Energy Saving and Sustainable Attitudes towards the Environment. A greater share of active modes of mobility in transport also contributes to a sustainable attitude. The Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy (MOPE) together with the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency (STSA) created a new video campaign We are on the same road, which emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and awareness of all road users in ten videos. The campaign was presented today in Ljubljana by M.Sc. Saša Jevšnik Kafol, deputy director of the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency and Gregor Steklačič, national coordinator for cycling, MOPE, and from the cast, actress Gorka Berden. Awareness of co-responsibility on the roads is key to safe travel. Every day, accidents happen on Slovenian roads that could have been prevented. By working together and acting responsibly, we can make our roads safer for everyone. Regardless of whether we are pedestrians, (e-)cyclists or car drivers, each of us bears part of the responsibility for traffic safety.

The new video campaign was created in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy, the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency and Squareme productions.

The Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy and the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency emphasize concern for the safety of participants, who are the most exposed in active modes of mobility. A key role in the safety of pedestrians, the physically challenged, the elderly and the youngest, cyclists and e-bikers is played by the tolerance of motorized vehicle drivers and their knowledge and respect for traffic regulations and signage. Tolerance also applies among the latter. The campaign We are on the same road with a cast consisting of Gorka Berden, Ljerka Zupančič and Denis Porčič, in a slightly more relaxed way, in ten videos points out the renewal of knowledge of road traffic rules with an emphasis on the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and e-bikers.

We will not achieve the Vision 0 traffic fatalities only with the help of technological solutions or the construction of dedicated areas for each type of traffic, since the traffic routes of different participants always cross at a certain point (intersections, left turns, crossings, etc.). The reason for most traffic accidents is the human factor. By respecting other participants, let’s contribute to better safety for all participants. Each of us is at least part of our journey a pedestrian.

If we are overtaking a cyclist, always respect the rule of minimum lateral distance of 1.5 meters

Cycling and e-cycling have been on the rise in recent years, the share of journeys made by bicycle and the total number of kilometers traveled are increasing. The share of e-cyclists is also increasing, and as a result the number of traffic accidents involving e-cyclists is increasing. Last year, 1,502 people were involved in bicycle accidents, 7 cyclists died, 236 were seriously injured, and 1,061 were slightly injured. In 2022, 1,528 people were involved in bicycle accidents, 11 cyclists lost their lives, 239 were seriously injured, and 1,039 were slightly injured.

Riding an e-bike requires more skilful conduct

Last year, the police recorded 67 traffic accidents involving e-bikers. Two e-cyclists died, 11 were seriously injured, and 46 were slightly injured. In 2022, 56 people were involved in traffic accidents with e-bikes. One e-cyclist died, 16 were seriously injured, and 27 were slightly injured. All three fatalities were self-inflicted in the traffic accident. In the case of e-bikers, older cyclists over 45 years of age are most often involved in traffic accidents, so as part of the campaign, they prepared a video that primarily warns this target group about the challenges of riding an e-bike. Unadjusted speed and incorrect side/direction of travel stand out among the causes of traffic accidents involving e-cyclists.

According to the cause, traffic accidents are similar to those seen with cyclists, but given the fact that the e-bike can develop higher speeds, the consequences can be more severe, similar to the drivers of mopeds and e-scooters. It can also be seen from the data that e-cyclists have a higher percentage of those who cause traffic accidents themselves.

The Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency and the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Energy encourage all cyclists to act in self-protection. This means that they have a technically flawless bike or e-bike, that they take care of their psycho-physical condition for riding, their own visibility, and respect traffic rules, speed limits and use surfaces intended for cyclists. We urge all drivers of motor vehicles to be attentive and especially careful when overtaking cyclists, where the rule of minimum lateral distance of 1.5 meters applies and when turning right at a red light at a traffic light with a supplementary sign with a green arrow.

Let’s leave the sidewalks to those for whom they are intended!

Walking is the most natural form of movement and pedestrians are the most common, but also the most exposed, road users. The most common among pedestrians are the elderly and children, who need to be enabled for safe active mobility. This is ensured not only by a separate infrastructure, but also by the care, responsibility and example of all road users. Last year, 625 pedestrians were involved in traffic accidents, 12 pedestrians died, 88 were seriously injured, and 469 were slightly injured. In 2022, 624 pedestrians were involved in traffic accidents, 15 pedestrians died, 95 were seriously injured, and 462 were slightly injured.

Drivers of motor vehicles, bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters are warned by MOPE and AVP to be extremely attentive while driving. They should be especially careful in the area of ​​common traffic areas, around pedestrian crossings, around kindergartens, schools, homes for the elderly. They should not use mobile phones and other devices while driving, as this greatly reduces their attention span. Motor vehicle speed is a key risk factor for the safety of the most exposed participants. The importance of speed adjustment is also shown by the fact that the consequences of a collision between a car and a pedestrian at a speed of 50 km/h are comparable to the consequences of a fall from a height of 9.8 m.

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